Experience the JOY of Gifting With Our Personalized Gift Boxes That Are Guaranteed to Surprise & Delight!

Be the reason someone smiles today

Want to send something awesome to brighten someone's day? JOYBOX is a delivery service dedicated to sending joy & encouragement to the masses one box at a time.

"Surprise is the greatest gift life can grant us."



getting JOYBOX'd

Send an anonymous gift to someone special and see their delight unfold. Inside each box your recipient will discover handcrafted goodies made to pamper and savour with a thoughtfully designed note to pay the joy forward.


Pick a Box

Fill a box or pick a curated box that speaks to you.

Write a Message

We handwrite an anonymous message from you.

Pay Joy Forward

We insert a unique postcard, ready to mail, to brighten someone else's day.


We have done the work for you, with gift boxes designed, packed, and ready to ship.


Fill the box the way you want it with over 80 unique Canadian-made artisan gifts.


Beautifully wrapped and filled with warmth and comfort to enjoy in every season.

Who is responsible? Spill it!

“The day my JOYBOX arrived was a really hard day for me. To open the door on that specific day and find a box just for me, from someone who obviously poured their love and time into something special for me was not only joyful it literally moved me to tears. Thinking back to it I still get teary eyed! This is a beautiful gift and an amazing blessing to everyone who receives it."

Sylvia H

You had me at coffee & chocolate

"You won me over with the chocolate and coffee!!! I just loved my JOYBOX so much, the quality was stunning and it brought me more joy than I ever would have thought!! I won’t even throw out the box I loved it so much!! I will definitely pass it on and spread some joy💕"

Lisa G

Spread the JOY!

"Receiving a box of joy was a unique and fun experience. A mystery gift full of quality, thoughtful products- what more could one want to arrive at your front door? It also came with a lovely postcard to continue to spread the joy. I'd highly recommend this local company and can't wait to send some secret JOYBOXES myself! Spread the JOY!"

Sue L.

Open the door to a surprise

"Receiving a JOYBOX changed the course of my day. Opening the door to the surprise of a box filled with thoughtful gifts was incredible!! Everything, including the packaging was so well designed."

Nikki N.


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