JOYBOX makes sending thoughtful gifts EASY! Go Send Some JOY! It's Contagious!
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      the little things

      Introducing a more approachable way to make daily encouragement and thoughtful gestures deeply impact the heart, not your bank account.

      Same quality of products. Simpler packaging. Mini JOY.

      Each Mini JOYBOX is wonderfully packaged in a recyclable 6''x6"x2" kraft mailer box that doubles as the packaging and shipping box. Easier on the environment and on your wallet.

      How it Works

      Choose your Gift

      Choose a mini JOYBOX from the selection below.

      Pick a Card

      This is your chance to add that extra personal touch with a handwritten message from you.

      Shipped Fast

      Ship it fast, pick a special delivery date or choose pick up at checkout.